Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set
Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set

Martini Cocktail Shaker for All Your Cocktail Mixing Needs!

Enhance Your Cocktail Creation Process Now

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Complete All-In-One Cocktail Set

If you’re looking to make delicious cocktails from the comfort of your home, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set.

Rather than picking up a single cocktail shaker where you have to buy the different items individually, this set includes everything you need to shake up a tasty cocktail.

The Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set comes with six different pieces, so you can start making cocktails right away.

The Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set is made from the highest quality materials ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

Every component in the set is made from BPA-free materials, so you won’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals.

It’s also dishwasher safe, so when you’re done for the evening, place your shaker set right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

You also won’t have to worry about the pieces breaking down over time, as they won’t leak, rust, or break down over the years.

Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set
Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set

Classy Cocktail Bar Design

Whether you want to make a stylish addition to your home bar, or you’re starting fresh, you’ll love the classy design this Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set has to offer.

It has an elegant stainless steel look to it.

Each piece is made from high-quality stainless steel that has a mirror finish. This cocktail set was designed as a commercial cocktail shaker set for restaurants and cocktail bars.

That means you can get the same look as a real cocktail bar in the comfort of your home.

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Measure Easily with the Jigger

Most people buy a cocktail shaker but quickly realize they won’t follow any drink recipes without a jigger.

The jigger is essentially a mini measuring cup that you use to measure out your alcohol. It is dual-sided, depending on the recipe you’re following. One side of the jigger measures 1 ounce in capacity, while the other side measures a half-ounce.

Having the jigger on hand means you will be able to craft the perfect cocktail by creating just the right ratio of alcohol to a mixer.

Plus, it will help you out have the perfect amount not to waste any alcohol.

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Mix Cocktails with the Twisted Bar Spoon

When you first get your cocktail shaker, there are many options for you to choose from. You’ll be ready to start shaking up some incredible cocktails like a Mai Tai, Chocolate Martini, Cosmopolitan, or a Daquiri.

However, did you know that some of the most popular cocktails actually aren’t shaken but stirred?

Cresimo Martini Bar Set Cocktail Shaker

Some of the most popular stirred cocktails include Manhattan, Negroni, Old Fashioned, and Dry Martini. If you want to learn to master any of these cocktails, you’re going to need a quality stirring spoon.

Thankfully, the Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set includes a twisted bar spoon. You can use the twisted bar spoon with the cocktail shaker or even in taller glasses and pitchers.

It’s perfect for different mixed or layered cocktails and will be an essential tool within your home bar set.

Versatile Stainless Steel Shaker

The holy grail of your cocktail shaker set is, of course, your shaker. You need to make sure your shaker is durable, handles well, and is built from high-quality materials.

The Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set comes with a high-quality 304 shaker with a mirror finish made with very durable stainless steel. It holds up to 24 ounces of liquid, which works out to 2 or 3 drinks per cocktail.

The stainless steel is very durable, which means that even if you drop your shaker (which can happen now and then), you won’t have to worry about cracking or becoming damaged.

It’s also rust-resistant, meaning it will shine for years to come.

Built-in Strainer

Not only is the shaker durable and built to last, but it comes equipped with a built-in strainer.

Most times, when you buy a cocktail shaker, you’re also required to buy a separate handheld strainer that you hold over the mouth of the shaker as you pour out your drink.

This can make it hard to handle your shaker as you pouring your cocktail. Plus, it’s also not as accurate. The built-in strainer makes it easy to pour your cocktail perfectly without the added hassle of holding a strainer against it.

Plus, you get to pour it much quicker. Pop the lid off the top, and pour.

Easy Handling

Cresimo cocktail shaker set by Cresimo is simple and easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner bartender or an experienced cocktail master, you’ll be able to whip up delicious drinks in no time.

The shaker is very easy to use, it’s durable, and it fits well in hand, so you won’t have to worry about fumbling around with it.

Plus, the easy screw-on lid and built-in shaker make it very convenient when you’re pouring your Daquiri or Mai Tai.

2 Year Worry-Free Warranty

It can be tricky to find the right cocktail shaker set, especially if it’s your first time.

Not every set is made equally, and some are made with cheaper materials.

On the other hand, Cresimo makes its cocktail sets from high-quality products.

This means they’re able to offer an impressive guarantee. While some cocktail shaker set manufacturers offer a 1-year guarantee, Cresimo offers 2 whole years to try out the shaker set.

It’s a reassuring guarantee and speaks volumes about the quality of their cocktail sets.

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Bonus: Cocktail Recipe Guide

Once you’ve got your cocktail shaker set ready to use, you’re almost ready to start shaking up your first cocktail.

But, you’ll need to have a few recipes on hand to start learning the ropes.

The Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set includes an awesome bonus in the kit: an Illustrated Guide to Cocktails fold-out recipe guide.

In it, you will find a wide variety of 30 delicious cocktail recipes.

Even if you already know how to make 1 or 2 drinks, you’ll find a good selection of new cocktails you can try out from the illustrated guide.

-Do you regularly entertain your family and friends but lack the bar tools to inspire?

-Tired of paying for overpriced cocktails at a bar?

-Are you looking for a cocktail shaker that’s easy to use and clean?

-Do you want a shaker that doesn’t rust or stick?

Introducing Your Very Own Cresimo Cocktail Shaker to the Rescue! Sturdy stainless steel design, made to be rust and leakproof.

Easy to use and clean by hand or in your dishwasher. Includes a bonus Jigger for your cocktail measurement needs. Perfect for professional or home use.

Amazon Buyers Trust, Our Cresimo Brand, to be Quality Premium Products.

The 24 Oz Cocktail Shaker Set by Cresimo

Martini Cocktail Shaker for All Your Cocktail Mixing Needs

Enhance Your Cocktail Creation Process Now!

How to use the Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set to get the most out of it!

Step 1 – Prepare your cocktail recipe from the included booklet.
– Pour all the ingredients into the mixing section of the cocktail shaker using the jigger.
Step 2 – Add ice to the mixing section.
– Ice is filled so that the mixing section is 2/3 to 3/4 full.
Step 3 – Put the lid with the built-in strainer on top of the mixing section.
– The small lid is placed on top of the strainer.
Step 4 – Tap the top of the shaker with the palm of your hand to seal it tight.
– Make sure it is sealed well.
Step 5 – Hold the shaker in both hands, with one hand on top and one supporting the base.
– Shake well for 10 to 20 seconds.
Step 6 – Remove the small lid and pour the drink through the strainer into a chilled cocktail glass and
– Enjoy your cocktail!


The 6 Piece Cocktail Shaker Set by Cresimo

– The shaker is constructed with the highest quality 304 stainless steel mirror finish and holds up to 24 ounces (2-3 drinks).

– Built-in Strainer with a perfect seal…Cresimo cocktail shaker kit not only looks attractive and elegant but has been designed to last a lifetime.

– Made of BPA Free materials, dishwasher safe, that will not rust, leak or lose its quality properties over time.

– It is well balanced and feels great in your hand, certain to be the most used piece of your bar equipment.

– It comes with additional items so that you won’t require any further tools.


The Twisted Bar Spoon is perfect for use with the cocktail shaker, tall glasses, or pitchers.

It’s great for mixed/layered cocktails and will become an essential part of your home bar set!







The Cocktail Recipe guide includes an assortment of delicious recipes.

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional, you will have a helping hand in making the best drinks.






The Jigger will help you to measure your beverages.

One side measures 1 oz capacity. The other side measures 0.5 oz capacity.

You will now be pouring the exact amount and not wasting your liquor.



24 Ounce Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories - Martini Kit with Measuring Jigger and Mixing Spoon plus Drink Recipes Booklet - Professional Stainless Steel Bar Tools - Built-in Bartender Strainer

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Premium Cocktail Shaker Set: Two-Piece Pro Boston Shaker Set. Unweighted 18oz & Weighted 28oz Martini Drink Shaker made from Stainless Steel 304

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OneBom Cocktail Shaker,Food Grade Stainless Steel, with Jigger Cap & Strainer, Martini Shaker Set Large Capacity for Drinks Bar Home Use (3 - Piece Set)

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Cocktail Shaker Martini Shaker Set - Bartender Kit : Drink Shaker, Jigger, Drink Mixing Spoon, Strainer, Ice thong, Bottle Opener, Stylish Wooden Stand, Gift Box and Bounce Cocktail Recipes Book

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