How To Shake (Or Make) The Perfect Cocktail?

So, you bought yourself a cocktail shaker?

You just have to put two or three beverages in it and make a perfect cocktail?

Sorry, but that doesn’t work that way. You are close enough, but some things need to be considered before you make your first mixed drink.

Although it looks pretty easy to make a cocktail, especially when you look at Tom Cruise in a Cocktail movie, it definitely isn’t.

In order to make a good cocktail, you need to learn some techniques on how to use a cocktail shaker, you must learn what drinks can you mix together and which drinks should never be mixed at all.

Shaken or stirred?

There are various types of cocktails, you already know that.

But, we can say that the most important thing about them – most of them are either shaken or stirred.

Every professional bartender can tell you that first question you have to ask yourself – do you prefer stirred or shaken cocktail?

No matter if you want to become a professional bartender or you just want to make your favorite cocktail at home, you have to spend some time learning how to shake and make your first cocktail.

There are various methods, ways, and tips on how to make a perfect cocktail. Want to learn more – just scroll down for more.

How To Shake A Cocktail?

How To Shake A Cocktail?

How To Shake A Cocktail?

First things first – you must learn how to shake and how to stir.

Cocktails with juice have to be shaken, while cocktails with flavors need to be stirred. James Bond knows a lot about this, do you agree?

Or maybe he got it all wrong?

Some professionals stated that traditional martinis should not be shaken but stirred, but this is not a subject of this article.

In order to make your first cocktail, some basic equipment you have to have is a Boston shaker and a strainer.

A perfect cocktail should be made of high-quality drinks such as whiskey, vodka, or even tequila. Lemon or lime is always a good choice to make things interesting.

Bitterness and sweetness go great together. And last but not least – ice cubes!

Ice cubes are, for most people, the most important ingredient of a good cocktail.

So, how long to shake? Should you shake for several minutes at a slow pace, or should you shake for two seconds at a fast pace? Neither.

You should shake for ten to twelve seconds vigorously and that’s about it. Keep it simple and don’t try to experiment – ten seconds is enough for all cocktails.

If you shake for a bit longer, it doesn’t matter, you won’t destroy your favorite drink, you won’t dilute it or make it to watery.

What about ice? If you want to make the best out of your favorite cocktail, it’s advisable to use ice cubes. Don’t use crushed ice because this will make your mixed drink too diluted.

So, let’s conclude – in order to make and shake your first cocktail, you need a cocktail shaker, a strainer, ice cubes, and drinks.

Pour drinks in the shaker, shake for twelve seconds back and forth, up and down, shake it all around and that’s about it.



What cocktails to make at parties?

Cocktail shakers are great if you plan to throw a party at your own home.

You can entertain your friends and family with some tasty cocktails.

But, which cocktails to make? Refreshing cocktails are always a good choice, especially in the hot summer days. Always choose cocktails you can make in bulk.

And make sure you have all ingredients because if you miss only one ingredient, your cocktail will be ruined.

So, basically, Bloody Mary, Margarita, Martini are always good choices to make at parties.

Bonus Tip – Make Martini At Home

As a small bonus, here is a video that shows you how to make a martini.

Martini is one of the most popular drinks in the world, there are various ways and recipes for a martini, learn how to make it in a traditional way and surprise your guests with your skills and knowledge.

Final thoughts

If you just tried to shake your first cocktail and failed, don’t worry about it.

You should practice, you should try it, you should mix things up – pun intended, and in just a couple of weeks, you’ll become great in making cocktails.

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